Contact: Kevin Arand

Phone: 816-596-8789

Grant County Cattlemen's Association

Contact: Sam Schwer

Phone: 608-723-9370

Green County Beef Producers
Contact: Dave Koning

Phone: 608-328-6328

IDEAL Agriculture and Marine Insurance

Contact: John Stoesser

Phone: 330-920-7652

Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Contact: Lauren Kasten

Phone: 414-931-1058

Midwest BueLingo Cattle Association

Contact: Luann Monson

Phone: 608-922-3322


Midwest Pinzgauer

Contact: Todd Andreshak

Phone: 715-846-3713

North American Normande Association

Contact: Michael Mueller

Phone: 608-943-6091

North Central Highland Cattle Association
Contact: Janet Larson

Phone: 763-260-1001

North Central Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association

Contact: Ray Melander

Phone: 715-216-7309

Rock County Beef Producers

Contact: Rob Vyvyan

Phone: 608-751-8814

United Cooperative


Phone: 820-877-1756

UW-River Falls Beef Management Team

Contact: Abby George

Phone: 715-279-1103

Valley Beef Association

Contact: Justin Kimball

Phone: 920-259-9721

Vernon County Cattlemen's Association
Contact: Larry Parr


Wisconsin Beef Council

Contact: Tammy Vaassen

Phone: 608-833-9940

Wisconsin Angus Association

Contact: Joe Buening

Phone: 608-219-7957

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation

Contact: Robert Nigh

Phone: 608-606-4319

Wisconsin Hereford Association

Contact: Melissa Berggren

Phone: 414-550-5114

Wisconsin Shorthorn Association

Contact: Jason Fearing

Phone: 608-415-0974

Have a question about WCA's Affiliates? Contact the WCA Office at [email protected]