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WCA and Legislative Action

The Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association (WCA) is the voice of the Wisconsin Cattle Producer.

Through our legislative efforts in Madison, we continue to represent and protect the beef producer's best interests. We work closely with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association to stay informed of national issues that will affect Wisconsin beef producers. Our membership and Board of Directors work daily to keep beef demand strong in Wisconsin and the country.

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Investing in the WCA

Legislative Achievements and 2019 State Priorities

We are excited to share our updated legislative brochure which highlights key wins and reinforces the impact the Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association has on the industry. In addition, we have just finished a new handout on 2019 legislative priorities. This is a great tool to discuss our key focus areas for this year. Please use these materials during membership conversations, producer meetings, events and more. For printed copies of these materials, reach out to the Wisconsin Cattlemen's office at [email protected]

WCA Priorities
Recent advocacy achievements

Long-Term Efforts

Check out our continual efforts to keep the beef industry strong in Wisconsin.

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Recent Efforts

Stay up-to-date with WCA's latest efforts to maintain and develop the best interests of the Wisconsin beef producer on the legislative front.

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Positions on the Issues

Learn more about the issues and where WCA stands in order to protect the best interests of the beef industry on state and national levels.

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2015-17 Biennial Budget Summary

On Sunday, July 12, Governor Walker signed the 2015-17 biennial budget bill into law. The bill contains a number of provisions that are critical for Wisconsin farmers. The following provides a summary of some of the issues more important for Wisconsin agriculture.

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Have questions or comments about any of our Legislative Efforts?

Email Terry Quam or call 608-592-3649. We would love to hear from you!