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WCA and Legislative Action

The Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association (WCA) is the voice of the Wisconsin Cattle Producer.

Through our legislative efforts in Madison, we continue to represent and protect the beef producer's best interests. We work closely with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association to stay informed of national issues that will affect Wisconsin beef producers. Our membership and Board of Directors work daily to keep beef demand strong in Wisconsin and the country.

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Investing in the WCA

Long-Term and Short-Term Advocacy for Farmers

This spring, every Wisconsin farmer is focused on having a successful 2017 growing season. But, every good farmer is also making plans for investments in the farm that won't necessarily produce income this year, but which will be very meaningful in next year or even for the next generation.

The WCA government relations program does exactly the same thing.  We work hard on projects that will be meaningful to our members TODAY. And, work equally hard on projects that may bear fruit TOMORROW - years or even decades from now.

The WCA, by working together with our friends across agriculture and with agriculture-friendly legislators and government leaders, can achieve things that a single farmer could never hope to achieve alone. That is part of the mission of the WCA – “promote the Wisconsin beef business through advocacy, leadership, and education.”

Check out our Legislative Action pages below to learn more about specific examples of the WCA advocacy program - long-term and recent efforts and our positions on the issues. Of course, we always have more work to do.  The legislature is currently out of session, but next January, when the next legislative session starts, we will again advocate for issues that affect WCA members.

Long-Term Efforts

Check out our continual efforts to keep the beef industry strong in Wisconsin.

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Recent Efforts

Stay up-to-date with WCA's latest efforts to maintain and develop the best interests of the Wisconsin beef producer on the legislative front.

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Positions on the Issues

Learn more about the issues and where WCA stands in order to protect the best interests of the beef industry on state and national levels.

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2015-17 Biennial Budget Summary

On Sunday, July 12, Governor Walker signed the 2015-17 biennial budget bill into law. The bill contains a number of provisions that are critical for Wisconsin farmers. The following provides a summary of some of the issues more important for Wisconsin agriculture.

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