Arndt Farms Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

Pictured (left to right): Allison and Austin Arndt, WCA Past President Eric Johnson

Arndt Farms Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

March 4, 2020

Arndt Farms, Janesville, Wisconsin, received the Environmental Stewardship Award from the Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association at their 2020 Winter Conference. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Beef Council, the annual award recognizes a Wisconsin cattle producer for outstanding environmental stewardship practices and conservation achievements. 

A fourth-generation family farm, Arndt Farms has been producing beef and crops in Rock County for over 100 years. The farm focuses on producing honest products while maintaining stewardship of the land. Each year, Arndt Farms feeds out 1,600 head of cattle and maintains over 100 head of cows on pasture. Brothers David, Bob and Al, along with sons Austin and Abe Arndt all work on the farm full-time, each playing roles in managing the beef cattle, cropland and custom farming and forage harvesting services provided to neighboring dairies.  

Environmental stewardship has been a long-time commitment for the Arndt family. For over 10 years, the farm has been implementing cover crops ― not only to improve soil health, but also to extend the grazing season for their cow herd. The farm also participates in the UW Discovery Farms ‘Edge-of-Field’ surface monitoring projection, which focuses on understanding the relationship between farming systems, landscape settings and water quality.   

"While we take great pride in our heritage, we are also very committed to adopting new technology and sustainable farming practices, which increase food production for a growing population,” Arndt Farms says. “As our business grows and adapts with increased demand, we remain committed to successful and sustainable continuation of this heritage, business associations, and family value for future successors.”

Posted: March 4, 2020